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6mm x 4mm black triangle safety noses for teddy bears and amigurumi

Black Triangle Safety Noses

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Having difficulty embroidering a nose for your amigurumi and handmade stuffed animal? These easy-to-install safety noses is a solution to your problem! 

7 different sizes of safety noses are available for you to choose from:

  • 6mm x 4mm
  • 7mm x 5mm
  • 8mm x 6mm
  • 9mm x 7mm
  • 10mm x 8mm
  • 12mm x 9mm
  • 15mm x 11mm

All safety noses are available in 3 pack sizes:

  • 10 pieces
  • 20 pieces
  • 50 pieces

Every piece of safety nose comes with a hand-installable washer (backing). No tools (and finger pain) are needed when installing the washers. 

(Please note that the color of the washers may vary as shown in the photos, but they work the same way.)

These eyes will be shipped in  3-5 business days after payment is received. An email will be sent to you to inform you of the shipment.

Not sure which size of safety nose will give your amigurumi or stuffed animal the perfect cute touch? Purchase the Black Triangle Safety Noses Sample Pack to try every size!

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Made-to-order Amigurumi

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Safety Eyes and Ready-to-ship Amigurumi

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Craft Kits

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  • You will be able download patterns immediately after purchasing.

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  • All patterns are in pdf format and you will need a pdf reader to open the files.

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Location Order Value
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(MYR 4.52)
SGD 4.30
(MYR 12.95)
Above $25 - SGD 1.80
(MYR 4.52)
United States $25 and below SGD 4
(USD 2.95)
SGD 6.50
(USD 4.90)
Above $25 - SGD 4
(USD 2.95)
Canada $25 and below - SGD 8.50
(CAD 8.50)
Above $25 - SGD 6
(CAD 5.90)
Italy, Brazil,
South Africa,
$25 and below - SGD 6.50
(EUR 4.30,
BRL 18.50,
ZAR 68.10,
MXN 92)
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BRL 11.40,
ZAR 41.90,
MXN 56.60)
Rest of the world $25 and below SGD 4
(GBP 2.30,
EUR 2.65,
AUD 4.20,
NZD 4.40)
SGD 6.50
(GBP 3.80,
EUR 4.30,
AUD 6.60,
NZD 7.20)
Above $25 - SGD 4
(GBP 2.30,
EUR 2.65,
AUD 4.20,
NZD 4.40)
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  • The package will be delivered directly to your mailbox.

Tracking for Australia customers

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  • I will be able to help you send a query to Singapore Post too after 18 days of non-receipt.

Shipping to Italy

  • I am unable to ship Amigurumi to Italy due to Italy customs prohibitions.
  • For safety eyes/noses shipping, please note that it may take 2 months.
  • Tracking of package is available via Italy Post website

~ Customs and Import Duties for International Shipping ~

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Custom taxes for Denmark customers

  • You may be charged taxes higher than some of the items in my shop at your post office. This does not happen all the time but please take note of the risk when ordering.

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